DYMO LabelWriter 400 and 450 Installation

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Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the DYMO Connect for Desktop software.

We have tested our software using version v1.3.2.18, so please ensure that you are installing this version or a later version.

The software can be downloaded here

We no longer support the "DYMO LabelWriter" Software, so we'd recommend you upgrade to the latest version of "DYMO Connect".

Step 1. Download Software Installer

Before beginning the installation, please close all open programs.

  1. If you have installed a previous version of the DYMO LabelWriter Software on your computer, please uninstall that version using Apps section in the Settings.
  2. Do not install the drivers using the CD that came with the unit. Instead download them here: https://www.dymo.com/en-AU/online-support.
  3. After the download is complete, run the install application and follow the instructions to install.
  4. Once the installation is finished, plug the power cable into a power source, and plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer.
  5. After a short pause, the DYMO Connect entries should now appear in your Start Menu.

Step 2. Verify installation

  1. Go to your Settings and look for Printers & Scanners under Devices.
  2. Verify that your DYMO LabelWriter printer has been installed, and is online.

Step 3. Test the printer

  1. Click the "Orders" tab and click on any order in the list.
  2. A printer icon should appear to the right of the customer's name in the Shipping Address section. Click this icon. If the icon is not visible, then press F5 to refresh the page.
  3. The address details should be sent directly to the printer, and the printed label should appear.

Software Update

It's a good idea to make sure you are using the latest version of the DYMO software. To find out what version you currently have installed, locate the DYMO Connect icon on your desktop or Start menu, and click on it to start the program. The version can be found under the Help menu, in "About DYMO Connect".

The latest version can be downloaded at https://www.dymo.com/en-AU/online-support.

Contacting the Manufacturer

Please use the information below to contact this product's manufacturer (Dymo) with questions or concerns on warranty for the hardware. Before calling, locate the serial/part number. This should be listed somewhere on the hardware device.

Dymo Customer Support:

Phone: 1800 633 868

Web: https://www.dymo.com/en-AU/online-support