Bendigo ecommerce theme - Displaying an Instagram feed on your home page

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From the Theme Settings > Home Page - Sections > Instagram widget section, you can enable the Instagram Widget to display Instagram images on your shop's home page.

Enabling the Instagram feed in your store

Once you have registered your client ID, you'll need update your theme settings.

  1. Go to the Design & Assets -> Theme editor section, and scroll down to the Home Page - Sections > Instagram widget section
  2. Enter your Instagram username into the Instagram Username field. It's important to only enter your Instagram username without any special characters. Please do not include the @ symbol with your username or the URL to your Instagram profile.


  1. Instagram Widget Title is the title that appears above your Instagram feed on your home page
  2. Number of Images sets the number of images to show. By default it's 12. It should be 2 or 3 times whatever number you set in the Number of Images to display per row field.
  3. Number of Images to display per row is how you can make your Instagram images bigger or smaller. The higher the number, the smaller the images are, and the more that are displayed in the row.

Instagram feed not showing?

Instagram occasionally block you from being able to see your feed. This is usally temporary, and should last only a few hours.

Pictures out of alignment?

The Instagram feed in this theme supports only square images.

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